Passing Time (demos)

by Lone Crow Jubilee

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Passing Time 05:21
he married my ex girlfriend, I used to see him playing at the bar voice all dirty raspy fingers sliding oer that old dobro guitar used to go and listen, watch him as he drove the girls wild damn that boy could sing a song, damn that boy could sing a song with style buddy from the corner he was always bumming cigarettes and bread weathered leather boots weathered leather hat upon his head buddy sure could drink the whiskey buddy sure could play that ol harpoon cowboy and an Indian and every little bit of him the blues sometimes when I get to singing sometimes I get singing old time tunes sometimes when I get to drinking sometimes I get drinking on my own and sometimes when its cold outside and when the winters blowing at the door sometimes I get lonely for the clapping and the stamping, beating of the feet upon the dusty wooden floor sitting round the fire, our friends are making out and drinking beer someone gets to singing, its getting late, getting cold out here girl picks up the melody and sings about a girl gone too far sings about the rage and all the days and ways of making love and war this here song aint nothing but a way to pass the time til you get home baby play your fiddle baby sing a song and rock me til I’m warm baby let’s go dancin, let’s go drinkin’, let’s go make the late night news stampin up my cowboy boots, trampin’ up your fancy leather shoes baby girl let’s hit the town we’ll put our money down and play to lose
Get Me Gone 03:55
Mama taught me Jesus and Daddy taught me work Working taught these sorry bones just what a dollar’s worth I’m getting out, I’m getting out, I’m getting gone boys Ain’t paying no more bills, ain’t maiying no more debt Sick’n’tired of how expensive being broke is get I’m getting out, I’m getting out, I’m getting gone boys I ain’t broke but I could use some fixin Send me up a hammer and a nail Dust me off and rub me down and git the next train outa town Catch me on the goodnight loving trail Got myself a good sharp ax, got myself a gun Got myself a fishing pole, I’m heading on the run I’m getting out, I’m getting out, I’m getting gone boys Got a few more years of living, a few more cards to play Few good friends I’m counting on to help me on my way I’m getting out, I’m getting out, I’m getting gone boys Brother if you be the praying kind And brother if you please Dust me off and rub me down, get the next train outa town Brother pray a little prayer for me Mama taught me Jesus, Mama taught me well Daddy taught me work but this old job can go to hell I’m getting out, I’m getting out, I’m getting gone boys I’m getting out, I’m getting out, I’m getting gone
Bourbon 04:15
Kick off these heels, it's 2 o’clock and I’m done working Count my tips and drop ‘em in the jar Fall on the sofa with another coke and bourbon Reeking of exhaustion and the bar This here house is empty as the promises you made This here is heart is jumbled and confused This here body's aching for the songs you used to play Upon my skin, the way we'd make love to the blues Boy meets girl, sooner comes to later Flashback, making love and making dreams You down at the shipyards loading freighters Me taking cash, slinging hash at the canteen Sweat and rum and cigarettes, pressed against the wall Secrets in the salty summer air Desperate dangerous whispers full of promises and all When you kissed my mouth and pulled my hair Soft and low the tv humming, I'm done hurting Lock up the door and close the lights Cigarettes and popcorn, coke and bourbon For the long and lonely clockwork of the night This here house is over like every yesterday This here heart is battered up and bruised This here body's aching with the promises you made Upon my skin when we'd make love to the blues Ain't no more apologizing, ain't no more regret Take your loving easy and you take what can get Still I'm sipping coke and bourbon as i listen for his steps Drunk and heavy with desire on my stairs
The boys called her sweetheart and the girls called her sam She liked boxing and fishing and chamomile tea Four foot eleven of whiskey and weather Rode barrelhorse in the stampede I musta looked lonesome I musta looked lost City boy playin at being a man When she sat herseld down and she bought be a drink Said honey don’t you look a damn Damn but that little girl sure liked her liquor We drunk and we swung until quarter past three And someone got beat up and someone got laid And both of them someones was me Well the horse I rode in on was an old Shetland pony My five gallon hat only held 2.3 But the filly I found at the left bank saloon Made a tumbling rumblin man out of me Woke up next morning at half past hungover My lip busted open, my pants in a tree And a note on the table said thanks for the dance When you’re next in Alberta, stick to Calgary Yeah the boys called her often, the girls called her sam Had her three kids between four and fourteen Quick on the trigger and far as I figger The finest damn woman I ever did see
My castle fair vanished into thin air I’m just a begger girl all dressed in rags But if I had a list of all the frogs I’ve kissed I’d be surrounded by one hundred princes I suppose Or that’s how the story goes Oh if I could only meet someone made of wood He’d treat me oh so good just like a real boy But these Pinocchios you have to watch his nose He’ll tell you wicked lies and with each lie it grows and grows And that’s how the story goes What if the glass slipper didn’t fit And your life just turned to shit The 3 bears ate up Goldilocks, Rapunzel lost her hair Sleeping Beauty on the shelf could you wake up and save yourself And slay those dragons if Prince Charming wasn’t there Another day goes down here in this mining town A princess far away from all she loves and knows And is this how it ends a girl with seven small friends But not a prince in sight and so she’s reaping what she sows (2x) And that’s how my story goes That’s how my story goes
I sat out this morning sipping coffee in the rain Thinking how the mornings used to be Think on gettin older think on getting sober Thinking bout the babe I used to rock upon my knee I sat out this morning thinking times are movin on Times are movin too fast for the news Last night’s drinkin in my head, Megan fast asleep in bed Thinking on ol Johnny Cash and thinking on the blues Some men turn to women when they’re lonesome Some men turn to gamblin when they’re blue Some men turn to drinkin when there’s nothing else to do Jesus lord take pity when I turn myself to you Used to be I’d raise my voice in anger Raise my fists and hang my head in shame Losin out and getting had, pullin teeth and spittin mad Spitting nails and looking for someone else to blame I sat out this morning picking at this old guitar Outta work and noting more to lose Thinking bout the friends I known, kids I raised all up and grown Thinkin bout the songs that get us workin people through Sometimes I get thinking that its time to quit the drinking Time to pick my feet up off the ground Take my girl and take my pride break on through to the other side ‘Fore this big ol world stops spinning round Baby set us up another round Used to be a father and I used to be a son Nowadays I’m just another fool Thinkin how to get along, pickin old time country songs Thinkin on old Johnny Cash and thinking on the blues Think on getting older, think on getting sober Thinkin on old Johnny Cash and thinking on the blues
Because I ain't no good Because I brought em shame Mama and papa done turned me out Not a penny to my name Because I ain't no good On account of all my sin Mama and papa done beat me sore It's a sorry state I'm in Well it ain't no harm that I can see To kiss a few boys by the willow tree I'm just a girl with a flair for living free And a taste for apple wine Because I ain't no good Because I gone astray Lord I'm lonesome Lord I'm cold Won't you guide me on my way Because I ain't no good Because I brought em shame Mama and papa done turned me out Not a penny to my name Because I ain't no good Because I crossed that line I been shunned and I been scorned Won't you send me down a sign And I just don't see why Jesus cares If I jump in the river in my underwear And there ain't no preacher no how nowhere Gonna clip these wings of mine Because I ain't no good Because I ain't no good Ain't no home for me no more Because I ain't no good Because I ain't no good Because I brought em shame Mama and papa done turned me out Not a penny to my name Because I ain't no good On account of who I am Shake their fingers and call me names And I just don’t give a damn Well I ain't making no more apologies For my painted face and my banged up knees Maybe I is giving my milk for free But it ain't no life but mine Because I ain't no good Because I ain't no good Ain't no turning back o Lord Because I ain't no good
Waters rising and the ice caps gone Everybody's gonna get screwed War maneouvres on the white house lawn Everybody's gonna get screwed The damned are raising up a jesus song Everybody's gonna get screwed Everybody say it now, baby won't you play it now Everybody's gonna get screwed Still more month at the end of the money Everybody's gonna get screwed Sodom and Gomorrah in the milk and honey Everybody's gonna get screwed Walls gone up and the war drums drumming Everybody’s gonna get screwed Everybody say it now baby won’t you play it now Everybody’s gonna get screwed Rich get richer and the poor get stoned/ Everybody… Little one’s a-gnawing on the chicken bones/ Everybody… Gone out workin’ but the work’s all gone/ Everybody… Everybody say it now.. Church-house empty and the whorehouse full/ Everybody… Holy Mary and the dollar bill/ Everybody… Smoke your nothing and you drink your fill/ Everybody… Everybody say it now… Repeat 1st verse


released April 17, 2015


all rights reserved



Lone Crow Jubilee Vancouver, British Columbia

Lone Crow Jubilee is a 7-piece band in Vancouver, Canada, playing roots and country music, riffing on old songs and new, melodies that are both original and traditional. Sometimes it's straight-up country; sometimes it's old school folk; sometimes it's rootsy rock'n'roll.
This ain't your mom's folk music, but it might just be your old drunk grand-daddy's.
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